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The Couples Resource Center Supports
Marriage Equity
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For Fall 2016 schedule and descriptions of new offerings, visit the Couples Workshops and Couples Groups.
CRC has expanded to include a new branch in West Linn, Oregon near Portland under the direction of CRC Founder, Sylvia Randall.
Counseling for individuals and couples is available at all times.
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Intimate relationship — with its pleasures and challenges — is a major source of life fulfillment and also a natural impetus for personal growth. At the Couples Resource Center, we offer training and support to couples dealing with the many tasks inherent in long-term relationships. These include:

  • defusing crises
  • creating alternatives to recurring problems and patterns
  • focusing on specific issues
  • strengthening couple friendship and respect
  • increasing trust and intimacy
  • adjusting together to life's changing challenges

Couples Groups

We offer four couples groups tailored to specific areas of couples' development. Through discussion with other couples and structured activities, couples in the groups gain insight, encouragement and a sense of community. They often discover that even their most troublesome or poignant issues are not theirs alone, but are normal dilemmas of intimacy and can become doorways to a closer bond.
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Couples Workshops

One-day workshops are offered on many themes — such as conflict resolution, friendship, blended families and play. These are opportunities to explore one particular area and to spend a day together, nurturing the relationship.
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Couples Psychotherapy

Individual couples counseling may be most appropriate and useful for a couple in crisis or when they want in-depth exploration of particular issues or patterns.


Counseling for individuals and couples is available at all times, please contact us to get started.

About Us

Our trained staff includes:

Sylvia Randall, Ph.D.

Sandy Roos, MFT

Carol Schira, MFT


San Francisco area groups and workshops are held in either Palo Alto or San Francisco. Oregon groups and workshops are held in West Linn.

All groups and workshops are facilitated by licensed staff of the Couples Resource Center. A thirty minute, no-cost interview is requested of all group participants. The fee for groups is payable in full (for eight weeks) at the time of intake interview..

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